We Stand With Love

We are coming together to say NO to the hate rhetoric that threatens to divide us and YES to more just and generous ways of living with and loving one another.

Our Story:

“It couldn’t happen here. Could it?”

“We aren’t going to slide back into old fear-driven habits, are we?”

“We aren’t going to lose ground we’ve gained over our lifetimes regarding racism, religious bigotry, treating women as second-class citizens, caring for creation, and homophobia … are we?”

That’s how many of us felt as the 2016 Presidential Campaign turned uglier and uglier in early 2016.

We saw reports of kids becoming bullies, imitating the bad example of some candidates.

We heard the fear in the voices of moms and dads who were afraid about what kind of world their kids were growing up in.

We read the warnings of wise spiritual and moral leaders – pastors, rabbis, priests, imams, and others – who said we were in danger of repeating the worst mistakes of our history.

We felt something scary and dangerous at work in our country, a dark side to the soul of America, and we didn’t know what to do.

If we remained silent or apathetic, we felt we were surrendering to something dangerous.

But if we responded to fear with fear, anger with anger, and hate with hate, we would only make things worse.

The author Brian McLaren and Cameron Trimble of Convergence got together with the team at Momastery.com. We started dreaming about a positive response. We talked, prayed and brainstormed.

We contacted other friends and networks we are part of, asking their advice. Everyone we talked to agreed.

“We can’t be silent,” we all said. “But we must respond in a wise, positive way.”

“Let’s respond to fear, anger, and hate with love,” we said.

“While others are driven by the love of power,” we said, “let’s trust in the power of love.”

“While others are campaigning for their party to win and others to lose, let’s launch a different kind of campaign that will help everyone win.”

“When our leaders fail us, and when those with the microphone lead in dangerous directions, the rest of us need to rise up together and lead,” we said. “When people try to divide us and turn us against each other, we need to turn toward each other.”

We envisioned rabbis, pastors, priests, and imams who don’t want to play it safe or stay on the sidelines, but who want to stand with love.

We imagined musicians, artists, actors, writers, bloggers, tweeters, athletes, teachers, and journalists who want to use their platform to spread love rather than hate, compassion rather than anger, kindness rather than fear.

We could see neighbors speaking to neighbors, employers and employees speaking to their peers, and whole organizations using their influence to use love to heal and mend what is fraying and tearing in our social fabric.

We thought of YOU. If you joined us and spread a message of love at this critical time, we could overcome evil with good. We could seize a dangerous moment and turn it into an opportunity for growth, hope, and change.

That’s how “We Stand In Love” was born.

Please — JOIN US. We need your story, too.