The Love Driven Politics Collective


The Love-Driven Politics Collective is adding their voice to the #WeStandWithLove movement. The Love-Driven Politics Collective (LDPC) is a shared project––perhaps even a movement-–dedicated to exploring the possibilities of love-driven politics as a response to political evil, acrimony, anger, and cynicism.  We are promoting conversations that draw on diverse political, intellectual and ethical traditions. We anticipate that these conversations will emerge as we stage intellectual, artistic, and spiritual exchanges that will enable us to accompany one another as we fight for social justice in the difficult days that clearly lie ahead, and really are already with us. As such, our aim is to devise and divine strategies to respond to the callous, cruel, and cynical contempt that dominate much of our contemporary political discourse and political practices. We continue to ask:

How do we response ethically and honorably to the violence that rules our world, to the overt acts of war, torture, and police brutality that have become the raison d’être of the state and to the covert violence enacted through politics that promote unemployment, hunger, disease, environmental ruin and interpersonal hatred?

How do we rediscover underused archives, traditions, and imaginaries from the past?

How do we create the new practices, policies and politics that contemporary crises demand? In an age of cynicism, defeatism, and resignation, how do we assess efficacy and relevance of what Dr. King called “the strength to love”?

Which is to ask, how do quicken the sense of urgency our times demand to respond with love and in love?

The members of the Collective are scholars, activists, teachers, students, artists (filmmakers, choreographers, playwrights, visual artists, public artists), curators (from the museum world and beyond), social innovators, and religious leaders. By design and intent, the Collective is working with and across generations and traditions. The Collective is dedicated to an educational mission, one that flows in and out of conventional classrooms and coordinates with a wide-variety of public teaching spaces, partners, and opportunities.  The Collective dispatches its work through meaningful invitations to partner and to be in solidarity in cultivating a political culture animated by love and marked by compassion, forgiveness, mercy, generosity, grace, and empathy.