Start Up Kit

The idea of We Stand With Love is simple: you, right now, become a contagious advocate for love in your daily life. In your personal life, among friends and colleagues, and in public and political life, you become a person who stands for one thing above all others: love.

If you do that, joined by more and more of us, we can unleash an epidemic of love that spreads far and wide and brings healing and hope to everyone it touches.

That involves four moves or steps on your part.

Look Within

What would it mean for you to become a more loving person? How could you set an example of “being the change we want to see in the world?” Questions like these help us nourish good intentions, and then we can translate those good intentions into action by taking specific steps.

Fill Up

Speak Up

  • Use #WeStandWithLove to spread the message on Twitter by passing on great quotes and other resources you come across here and elsewhere.
  • Share our memes on your social media pages, and create your own, using the hashtag #westandwithlove. Please send what you to create to us so that we can consider sharing it as well.
  • Change your Facebook banner to the We Stand With Love banner, or let people know that you are a part of the We Stand With Love campaign by changing your profile picture to one of you holding up the “I love you” hand sign.
    Scroll over the facebook cover image for the download link:
  • Let people know, “I’m part of the We Stand With Love Campaign. We have a message for everyone, whatever your political party and whoever you’re voting for. Love is what matters most, and without love, we’ve got nothing. I hope you’ll look into it at”

Reach Out

  • Whenever you hear someone say something that seems harmful, unloving, divisive, or dangerous, don’t let it pass. Say, “Wow! I see that differently.” That gives you an opportunity to graciously express a different perspective in a loving way.
  • Whenever you hear people engaging in harmful talk, don’t insult them or get into an argument with them. But don’t be silent either. Say, “Have you ever heard of the We Stand With Love Campaign? While politicians are trying to win votes, we’re trying to win friends, even when we disagree. While politicians are trying to divide people and turn them against each other, we’re trying to unite them and turn people toward each other.”