Standing With Love

On Sunday, September 25, Pastors Rich McCullen and Steve Knight, along with special guest Vahisha Hasan, spoke to the congregation gathered at Missiongathering Christian Church in Charlotte, NC, to process the traumatic events of the previous week — the shooting deaths of Keith Lamont Scott and Justin Carr. The message that Sunday was titled “Standing With Love.”

Watch the video from Missiongathering Charlotte:

At the start of the service, Missiongathering member Rich Vreeland, a first-year student at Lexington Theological Seminary, offered this prayer litany entitled “To Stand With Love”:

God of Love,
Your grace and mercy flow without fail.
Through Your love,
comfort the family and friends of Keith Lamont Scott,
Officer Brentley Vinson, Justin Carr, Rayquan Borum,
the people of Charlotte,
and all those throughout the world
who have been touched by violence and injustice,
that they and all of Your people
will experience Your presence and find love and justice.
With a moment of silence we offer this prayer.

(Moment of Silence)

God of Love,
You have instructed us to love one another
so that everyone will know that we are Your disciples.
Strengthen the resolve of the people of Charlotte
and throughout this country,
show them Your wisdom and Your love
so that they may stand up to violence
and oppression, with peace and tenderness.
God give Your people courage: To Stand With Love

God of Love,
through Your example
and the example of Jesus Christ,
You have shown us how to love each other.
Comfort all of those who suffer violence because of their race,
or their religion, their gender
or sexual identity, their job or economic standing
and transform the hearts of those
who commit violence in the name of hate,
so that all people may experience Your love and grace.
God give Your people strength: To Stand With Love

God of Love,
creator of all that the eye can see
and is yet to be seen,
You have entrusted Your people with this Earth.
Grant us the vision and wisdom to be good stewards
and transform our hearts,
so that we may exercise love and care
for all of Your creation.
God give Your people wisdom: To Stand With Love

God of Love,
Your grace is boundless and without end.
Your people stand in awe of Your constant love
and repeated forgiveness.
You never fail us and You are forever faithful.
We praise You for Your love
and we thank You for Your generosity.
Where there is hate,
we see You in those who stand with love.
Where there is war,
we see You in those who stand with the refugees.
Where there is violence,
we see You in the peacemakers.
Lord God we are so very grateful for Your presence,
Your love and Your grace.
God, Your people stand with You: To Stand With Love

We offer these prayers and all of the prayers of Your people,
in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son. Amen.