Revolutionary Love

By Valarie Kaur, Founder of The Revolutionary Love Project

There are no bystanders. In this time of astonishing moral crisis, silence is complicity. Because in the palm of our hand we have the ability to respond – to speak, to post, to organize, to act, online and on the ground, and in the voting booth. Speak, even if your voice trembles.

Your greatest test is whether you can still see the humanity of the people who disagree with you and people who hurt you. For when you are hurt, you will want to hate. But when you hate the ones who hurt you, you become the darkness that haunts your dreams. Love shines a light; love returns us to the path; love makes us brave.

When you find yourself afraid – whether in the streets or classroom, the courtroom or corporate boardroom, the battlefield or the birthing table – and you don’t know if you can survive it: Close your eyes and breathe and remember the one who loves you. Love will make you brave.

Across traditions and times, there is this treasure of truth: The hot winds cannot touch you. The fires cannot consume you. You are shielded by Love – however you describe its source: God or the Cosmos, your grandfather’s prayer or your mother’s voice whispering in your ear, “You are brave. You are brave.”


As the nation commemorates 15 years after 9/11, I invite you to stand in love and solidarity with Sikh and Muslim Americans whose lives were lost in the aftermath.  Please watch my award-winning documentary film on hate crimes — and host a dialogue in your classroom or community on how to combat hate with love. We are releasing our film DIVIDED WE FALL for free, and we invite YOU to share the film and host a conversation in your classroom, living room, house of worship, local public library, or community center anytime between now and Election Day.

In a time of escalating hate and division in America, DIVIDED WE FALL (90 min) tells a story of how to combat hate with love and relentless optimism. We are bringing this message to campuses and communities across the country. Join us! Host a film screening and dialogue in your school or community this fall.

100 screenings and dialogues across America between now and Election Day to combat hate with #revolutionarylove.

Each year in America, hate violence rises around the anniversary of 9/11, especially during election seasons. But we know that we can preempt hate when we bring communities together in acts of healing, storytelling, and action.

The award-winning film DIVIDED WE FALL (2008) chronicles the heart-wrenching stories of Sikh and Muslims Americans who have responded to hate and violence with love since 9/11. It provides context to the current escalation of hate and also a source of hope. The Revolutionary Love Project and trailblazing civil rights organization The Sikh Coalition have joined forces to put the film and dialogue tools in your hands for free.

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