Praying With Our Feet: #Why I March – Madeline Vann

I march for the vulnerable, the scared, those who are alone today. I march for children with special needs. I march for our planet and every being on it. I march for the rights of people who want to choose their own faith or no faith. I march for people to be able to marry who they love. I march for Martin Luther King’s dream. I march in hope that women will one day be paid the same as men, and minority women will one day be paid the same as white women AND all men. I march because trickle down economics does not work, and Trump and his cronies will become wealthy on the backs of the poor and vulnerable around the world. I march because I want an end of war. I march because we need to de-escalate nuclear weapons development, not scale up. I march because all children need access to quality education. I march because applying a market-based approach to healthcare, education, and prison reform will only pile greater costs and burden on the backs of the marginalized. I march because no person, anywhere, has the right to grab anyone else’s genitalia without permission. I march because Vladimir Putin is NOT our friend or anyone’s friend – he is the enemy of freedom. I march because I can not accept a president whose rhetoric for the past 18 months has been largely built around hate and lies. I march for people who are LGBTQ. I march for people who are so afraid of change that they would choose tyranny over freedom. I march because social justice is not a liberal agenda, and neither is science. I march because my country began with people marching in the streets in defiance of oppression. Marching is my patriotic duty, responsibility and privilege.