Our Vision

On November 8, 2016, millions of Americans converged at the polls. Then on January 20, 2017, a new president was inaugurated. But what kind of nation will we be?

Will we be torn by distrust, wounded by mutual fear, paralyzed and polarized by political partisanship, conquered by division?

Or will millions of us rise up with a different message, a message of love?

Our vision is to take this dangerous moment and turn it into an opportunity … an opportunity to take a stand for love. Our vision has five parts:

1. In the presence of so much negativity and ugliness, we want to give people a positive and beautiful way to take a positive stand together – through simple words (#WeStandWithLove), through a wordless symbol (the American Sign Language symbol for love), through yard signs and lawn banners, through T-shirts and online tools. Our vision is to call people to personal commitment … to take a stand for love.

2. When some political leaders appeal to the worst parts of us … our fear, our greed, our prejudice, our distrust … we want to lift up other leaders who inspire the best parts of us. Our vision is to lift up the wise voices and positive example of our best moral and spiritual leaders. We will do this through daily quotations, blog articles, and links that we hope you’ll share.

3. We want to give people practical training … in what love is, in how it works, in how to become more loving in our hearts as individuals, and then in how to express that love toward others, especially when we disagree on political issues. Our vision is to help individuals, families, faith communities, organizations, and our nation as a whole gain new skills in love. We will do this through a wide array of online resources, conversation guides, creative ideas, and special events (especially the We Stand With Love Weekend) … especially during the ten weeks leading up to the election.

4. We want to help people translate love into action … through ordinary and extraordinary acts of kindness, through loving communication, and through public demonstrations. Our vision is to make love a greater force in politics than fear, greed, or anger.

5. We want to demonstrate how love can influence politics and how love-driven politics can help America fulfill our potential for wisdom and goodness as well as greatness and prosperity. Our vision is to make America more loving, because there is no true greatness without true love.

Politicians have millions of dollars at their disposal. We don’t. But what we do have is faith and enthusiasm … and the commitment of people like you to turn this vision into a reality through a grass-roots movement.