Our Symbol

We Stand With LoveWe have chosen the American sign language hand sign for “I love you” to be our symbol. This simple, beautiful symbol transcends words. It is an invitation to people of all political parties to stop talking, stop arguing, stop dividing … and to practice standing in silence, pondering the meaning and power of love. It reminds us that love must be translated into our bodies … into embodied deeds of service, advocacy, kindness, justice, and compassion. It must start in our hearts and be expressed in our hands. Thank you to members of the Deaf community for their wise counsel in helping us fully understand this symbol.

We hope you’ll use our symbol:

As an alternative to the raised fist that threatens others with violence.

Instead of a normal hello or goodbye, to remind one another that these dangerous times require us to go beyond business as usual.

As a conversation starter … to direct people to our website, our hashtag, and all the resources we’re making available.

As a silent witness for love, especially when you hear people spreading fear, anger, and prejudice.