My Love Manifesto

By ‘Nique LoveRhodes

We will not be statistics within the system, we will be anomalies.

We will not allow the status quo to dictate our worth as individuals.

We will not be defined by our environment but by being created in the image of God.

We will seek out the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of God, the creator and sustainer of life.

We will not allow present circumstances to shape our future, we will shape our own destiny and future

We will promote love, peace, and unity through showing love and respect to all people regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, or religion.

We will inspire and motivate people to live free of the system and be extraordinary.

We will challenge the system of imperialism by speaking the truth, standing for justice, and being proactive when others remain nonchalant, silent, and passive

We will shed light on injustice and inequality.

We will be responsible for our actions.

We are everyday revolutionaries. Any dream we have we will achieve. We defy the odds everyday that we breathe.


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, ‘Nique LoveRhodes is a hip-hop artist who provides social commentary and inspirational messages with every song that she writes. ‘Nique is also the Founder and CEO of Speak Out Loud Entertainment (a socially conscious entertainment company and artist collective) and Third Way Movement (an urban youth and community outreach organization).