Love is Not Blind

They say that love is blind, but really, love sees … love sees in a beautiful and powerful way.

If we see with love in these days after the election, we can stand with love in the days to come.

How does love see?

1. Love looks behind faults to see needs.

A toddler throws a tantrum, but a caring parent sees something behind the tantrum – a lack of sleep, the beginning of a virus, a tooth coming in, insecurity because of an interrupted schedule.

In fact, for love, every obnoxious behavior is seen as a cry for help.

What real needs and cries for help can we see behind obnoxious behaviors in this campaign season?

2. Love looks through labels and issues to see people.

It’s easy to write someone off when they are simply a label – a “liberal” or a “conservative,” an “immigrant” or a “bigot.” But when you look through the label and see a mom, a dad, a person who was hurt or wounded, a lonely person, a frightened person … everything changes.

3. Love looks beyond problems to opportunities.

This election brought a lot of hidden prejudice and sexism to the surface. That provides an opportunity to help our nation deal with what has been called “America’s original sin” of racism, and to address our unresolved issues regarding gender.

This election talked a lot about corruption – being rigged, being bought and paid for by rich elites, being manipulated by powerful and unaccountable media outlets. That provides an opportunity to increase transparency and address longstanding inequities.

Reality is out there. The question is … how will we see it?

Brian McLaren is a former English teacher and a former pastor. He is now a writer, speaker, and activist. His new book is The Great Spiritual Migration.