Love Heals Wounds

John and Marie had never had such an ugly fight in all their seventeen years of marriage. Doors were slammed. A glass was thrown against the wall. Angry words were spoken. The kids overheard them and started crying.

For the next three days, they hardly spoke to each other. They played out imaginary conversations in their minds. But they were cold as ice to each other, hardly exchanging a glance, much less a kind word. They slept in the same bed, but there was a big empty space between them. They took care of the kids, but tension hung in the air like the smell of something burning.

Eventually, they talked. They apologized for their part in the argument. They realized that they had children depending on them, and they couldn’t afford to stay unreconciled. They went to a counselor and she helped each of them see the legitimate needs the other was trying to express in the argument that almost destroyed them.

They decided to let their ugly fight become a turning point. They didn’t simply want to get back to where they were; they wanted to lift their relationship to a higher and stronger level. Their conflict became an opportunity for growth.

I wonder if something like that needs to happen in America. I wonder if this election could be a tipping point, a turning point. I wonder what you and I can do to stand with love and seize this moment.