Let Love Overcome Us

By Hussein Rashid, PhD

Love wins! What has it won? What had it lost? Perhaps love has not won. Perhaps we have lost. We have lost love. Perhaps it’s not that love wins, but that humanity wins love.

By love, I do not mean the love of one person for another person. Cities founded on brotherly/sisterly love are all good in theory. The problem is that when it is between you and I, and we forget what ties us, it’s easy to break those bonds.

The hardest love is the love for God. It is a love that awes us and humbles us. It brings our egos into check, and makes us love one another because God’s love is so bounteous, that we cannot count the favors of the Lord. That infinite well of love should inspire us, but it also requires a lot of work to make space in ourselves to have God’s Love pour into us.

Sometimes that well looks like an abyss, and we don’t want that effort. So we shut ourselves off from the Divine Draught, and that means we shut ourselves off from each other. Our ego cannot fill us, so we fill the void with things and power and control. And we treat people like things, so we can exercise power and control over them.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Najeeba Syeed, reminded of a wonderful quote by Ibn Arabi, a Muslim thinker, which states

“Oh Lord, nourish me not with love, but with the desire for love.”

We need that bottomless desire for Divine Love, that reminds us that we are nothing without what God has ordained for us, including each other. Let Love win, by overcoming us, washing over us, drowning us, so that we reach out to each other in gratefulness, surety, and comradeship.

Hussein Rashid, PhD, is a Muslim who believes firmly in the Qur’an’s teachings, including love, mercy, compassion, love for the Prophet and the Prophet’s family (peace be upon them all). He is an occasional teacher, a sometimes preacher, and always a reacher.