“Inauguration” by Rev. Michael-Ray Matthews


and so it began


the chaos, the void, the formlessness

we felt the night falling

kith and kin threatened by the darkness

bottles and epithets lobbed from passing cars

court police pursuing the peaceful prophets

but Jubilee got it right:

this darkness “is not of the tomb, but of the womb.”

hovering over the uncertainty is a presence, a voice

calling in the Light

the people sitting in darkness

will see a great Light,

and for those who sit in the region and shadow of death

Light is already dawning…

las morenas,

clothed with the sun

prepare to march in the Light

crying out lest hope unborn dies

houses of faith

shod with moral courage

rehearse songs of resistance, prayers of hope

forging acts of revolutionary love

Kindred:  We are light.

Now is the time to shine with abandon.

Now is the time to inaugurate the light in others.

In the Light, we can defend and protect the vulnerable.

In the Light, we can nurture Beloved Community.

In the Light, we can cultivate Prophetic Resistance.

In the Light, we can be fearless in our hope, daring in our vision.


It begins


In love, in hope, in faith, in the Light

The Resistance

Inspired by Genesis 1:2, Matthew 4:16, Revelation 12:1-4, Valarie “Jubilee” Kaur, James Weldon Johnson, and the prophets of the Resistance.