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Name: Andrea

: WA


To me, standing with love means turning away from fear. So often we think hate is the opposite of love, but really it's fear. Just fear. Fear of change, fear of differences, fear of the unknown. It's understandable, really. Fear is so often our natural default. It's kept our species from running off cliffs and into the open mouths of saber tooth tigers for thousands of years. Yes, fear has allowed us to survive, but the era of survive is giving way to the era of thrive ... if we let it. We no longer need fear constantly telling us to stop, to wait, to hide, to fight. We need love. We need love urging us to listen, to hear, to embrace, to expand. I pledge to stand with love, with open dialogue and educated reason. I pledge to no longer heed that voice inside me saying, "Don't reach out, don't connect. You'll be hurt, you'll be taken advantage of. Stay away. Stay safe." I pledge to be uncomfortable and through that discomfort to connect with others, even those so close they are often overlooked. I pledge to orient my life's choices and daily perspective around love, to embrace it as my North Star. I pledge to stand with love.

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