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Name: Adrienne

: Oregon


I do not know exactly what "Standing With Love" means to me yet, but I read Glennon's book Love Warrior last night and I am moved to be counted. I am on a journey. I do not understand so much about what is happening in the world. Anger, Fear, Racism, Inequality, Social Injustice....they all stop me in my tracks. My defensiveness and anger have been my guide for many years. My lack of knowledge and experience of how to do it different has led me to apathy. I know I have been a part of the problem. I wish to stand up and be counted as a part of the solution. I do not know what that is or what that looks like, I only know when my heart has been ignited by the words of Truth. I know that pain, suffering, the dark nights are all a part of the yin/yang of this thing we call life. I am no longer afraid. I am quietly learning to do all of this without anger and defensiveness, fear and abandonment. I am learning to be vulnerable and open. I am choosing to Stand With Love.


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